Charlie Brear had been a stylist for 10 years when she was required to source a plethora of vintage wedding dresses for a commercial shoot. On selling the dresses afterwards, she was surprised at how popular they were. Spurred on by the growing interest in these original vintage pieces, Brear designed a capsule collection, offering a contemporary take on vintage glamour. Its success in house led to the first full collection selling to market in 2011.

Brear next produced Additions, a collection of unique styling pieces to complement the made to order line.

Charlie Brear collections are designed and produced entirely in the UK, using a diverse range of hand selected fabrics and trims.

The 2022“Liberty of Love” Collection

This seasons ‘Liberty of love’ Collection takes the brands signature aesthetic and continues to explore what is needed to provide brides with every choice of silhouette. As always beautiful new styling additions blend with classic iconic styles, this season the collection is full of playful pieces.

The collection draws on the belief that everything by which we live has its origin in the spiritual before it shows forth in the material. The creative force is a spiritual rather than a physical force, in the sense that discoveries, inventions, insights, intuitive flashes are inspired by our spirit.

Charlie’s beliefs run alongside her sense of style which is highlighted in the new form fitting beautifully cut dresses. These work equally as well on their own or layered with the new current styling pieces.

The Additions offer some much needed adaptability and joyfulness this year.

This collection offers a concise amount of small styling additions. These can be worn as detachable pieces so that throughout the celebrations they can be added and removed to create multiple looks. This innovative approach to bridal-wear is what Charlie Brear designs are recognised for and the Liberty of Love Collection is no exception.