The Revolution dress of Leila Hafzi is a tribute to the memory of “Jina Mahsa Amini”

The Revolution dress of Leila Hafzi is a tribute to the memory of “Jina Mahsa Amini” viciously murdered one year ago in Tehran for not respecting the practice of compulsory veiling.

A dress bearing the colors of the ancient, Persian flag under the Pahlavi Dynasty is my contribution to bring hope to Iranians all over the world of a free and democratic Iran.” says designer, artist and activist Leila Hafzi. 

The Revolution Dress Leila Hafzi16th of September marked one year since Iranian Jina “Masha” Amini was killed at 22 years old by the so-called Morality Police since her hair was not properly covered.

An artist has a societal responsibility to evoke hope and courage to fight for a better future. We have to stand together to protect democracies worldwide” says Leila Hafzi.


Iran’s freedom revolution has inspired her latest collection. The Revolution Dress symbolizes the old Persian flag that was used throughout the Pahlavi Dynasty before the coup in 1979.

On the 23rd of September, the death of Jina “Masha” Amini was commemorated at Global Citizen in New York. Global Citizen Festival is the world’s largest movement that works for systemic change within sustainability, equality, uniting the world’s leading artists at Central Park’s Great Lawn.

Iranian climate activist Sophia Kianni cut her hair on stage in front of a 60,000 – strong audience. She wore the Revolution Dress bearing the colors of the Iranian flag and a hand-embroidered belt with a pattern featuring the Lion and the Sun, among other ornaments central to the Pahlavi Dynasty.

Sophia Kianni Global Citizen (photo credit Getty Images)This was a powerful moment, and I am proud to contribute. For 25 years I have created designs based on world incidents and politics. Last year I created a fusion of traditional patterns from Ukraine and Russia in the collection “Veritas Liberati” to symbolize my support for innocent civilians on every side of a war. This year I have drawn inspiration from – and contribute to – the Iran’s freedom revolution with the collection “Zan Zendegi Azadi” – women, life, freedom. As an artist I actively want to contribute to reduce the inequalities in our society, both here at home and in the world. Women endure violence and oppression in many parts of the world, also in countries we like to compare ourselves with.” declares Leila Hafzi.

The Revolution Dress will later be shown at Doga in Oslo and in Grieghallen in Bergen. After this, the dress will be delivered to Princess Noor Pahlavi, grandchild of Mohammed Reza Pahlava and Queen Faradibah Pahlavi, who together with the rest of the family are fighting for a free and democratic Iran.

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  • The Revolution Dress Leila Hafzi
    Photo Nina Carlsen
    Model Lotta Ormøy
    Styling Inger Therese Auestad
  • Sophia Kianni Global Citizen
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