Bridal Trends in the Post Covid Era

The pandemic changed all the rules of the game and brought new trends into bridal fashion.

Versatility is a must!

Le tendenze della Moda Sposa nell’era post covid

There is still some uncertainty and dresses have to be versatile and must work in any situation, any venue and any season. Dresses have thus to be adaptable, like adding sleeves or a cape in case the wedding has been postponed to a colder season. In some cases the bride is thinking of celebrating two weddings, a very intimate ceremony for few guests and a bigger party. There are two options either buy a second dress or transform the original one by adding some special accessories, like veils, overskirts, overdresses, belts.

Bridal fashion trends are getting more and more unconventional and are based also on mix-and-match options. Skirts, tops, corsages can be mixed and re-used after wedding, also in the frame of a more conscious sustainable attitude.

Even if this last year has been very difficult, we are positive about the future of our wedding industry because nothing can wipe out the romantic dream of a new couple, wishing to share life with the beloved partner. Wedding it’s the most important project in one’s life! We are positive about the brands we carry since they all represent these authentic values and offer fashion-forward proposals to contemporary brides.