Leila Hafzi awarded by ELLE International

The LEILA HAFZI brand was launched in Stavanger, Norway in 1997, the first bridal collection in 2009.

LEILA HAFZI was the first who brought the issue of sustainable fashion into the bridal international scenery, which was still quite conservative at that time.

On the 20th December of this year LEILA HAFZI receives the well-renowned and prestigious Elle Award Best Sustainable Bridal Gown Brand, organized in cooperation with the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, as a tribute to her long lasting engagement in favour of sustainable fashion.

The 2021 collection “Alma Gaia” contains a series of the designer’s past years’ techniques, a range of classics as well as a new range of pageant volume new to the brand. Always delicate, feminine and timeless design, made up by pieces to be worn by generations to come.

Leila Hafzi declares “my idea is to create a feminine collection of timeless elegance, that can rest in a wardrobe for decades, and can be worn after years just shacking dust off. My dresses are designed to be worn from mother to daughter, to be contemporary for every generation. ”

Leila Hafzi production takes place in Nepal, in Kathmandu from the birth of the brand in 1997, aiming at contributing to the development of the country by involving women in the whole process.

One of the most recognizable and iconic elements of the brand, the flowers, has been initially conceived to allow women to work from home, stitching flowers while looking after children.

Dresses are made of pure hand-dyed silk fabric and the whole process respects the environment.

All dresses are hand-made, upon order, 0-waste!