Poesie Sposa was born in1998 from Isabella Taglieferri’s passion for Haute Couture, which urges her to travel in search of the most sophisticated collections of wedding dresses. A few years later, the encounter with Elisa Orlandini, an actress with a fine theatre career to her credit, made Poesie Sposa what it is today, a workshop of creativity that feeds on the love for beauty.

The 2021 “TO BE” collection

The 2021 TO BE collection is inspired by Shakespearean poetry, that is such a contemporary and actual container, that can be inhabited by endless forms and possibilities.

The collection TO BE is born to be timeless, it does not belong to any era. Shakespeare speaks in a different way to every new generation.

Our world needs poetry, grace, beauty, strength. This is really the moment TO BE, to show strength and inner power through beauty and feminine.

Isabella and Elisa, the designer duo of Poesie Sposa, created a special collection. They shaped fabrics starting from classical elements and turning them into a new poetic image. Every single detail of the collection is created and produced in Italy.

Fashion Show 2021 TO BE Collection Valmont Bridal Week 2020