Rolling In Roses is a British label with a focus on thoughtful design and high-end craftsmanship, creating conscious bridalwear.

All gowns are individually made to order by a tiny team of seamstresses in York, England.
This small-scale production means the brand can always guarantee the exceptional finish of dresses and that all pieces are distinguished by their standard of workmanship and luxurious eco-friendly fabrics.

The name ‘Rolling In Roses’ is taken from an early Patti Smith poem. Known as ‘the godmother of punk’, she embodies the ethos of the brand of designing for the offbeat, sophisticated, fiercely independent bride.

Hayley Claire Neil, the designer behind Rolling In Roses, founded the label in 2016 as a platform for her personal design vision and has never looked back.

After a degree in costume design at the Edinburgh College of Art she went on to work as a freelance costume designer, maker, and assistant in the worlds of theatre and film. Being lucky enough to work on an eclectic array of theatre productions and Bifa, Bafta, and Oscar winning films. Never happier than when designing or making, Hayley sources the fabrics, sketches the designs, drafts all the patterns, and makes the sample gowns herself in the RIR atelier.

The 2024 “KIREI” Collection

Consistently with the philosophy of the label the “KIREI” collection is pushing the boundaries of sustainable fashion, producing modern designs for the fashion-forward bride using ethical, vegan, eco-friendly fabrics.

About the inspiration behind the design of the “KIREI” collection the designer herselt Hayley Neil says: “I went to Japan whilst travelling around Asia for my honeymoon and fell in love with how the peacefulness and tranquillity of of Japanese design can be seen in everything, from ceramics and print to gardens and architecture. The use of negative space in both modern and ancient Japanese art is so inspiring to me. The intention to keep things as simple as possible with no unnecessary or frivolous detail and let the basic form and essence of things speak for themselves.  Quality, luxury fabrics are everything to us at Rolling In Roses, and I’m over the moon to say that 94.8% of the fabrics used in this collection have sustainable certification; whether that’s organic, closed-loop, vegan, biodegradable, compostable, or recycled, meaning our materials are produced in ways that protect the environment, are low-carbon, protect natural resources like forests and water, and are cruelty-free and ethically made. And even the 5.2% of fabrics we use without certification are natural biodegradable fabrics, so we’re incredibly proud.