Sofia Arribas, Sophie et Voilà founder and creative’s director, transforms to Haute Couture all that she touches.

Even though she has studied architecture, she started soon her walk to the fashion’s world, a real family’s passion, creating amazing headgear, sculptural and unique tailored pieces for the most demanding Bilbao’s woman’s of the high society.

In 2010 she launches hers first bride collection, cocktail and cerimony, that from this year will be internationally distributed from Dreamteam.

The brand increases with the entrance in the Saioa Goitia’s society, an important manager with different successes in the Haute Couture and catering.

The 2022 Collection “Hydrangea”

The 2022 collection is inspired by Hydrangea, a flower easily found in the Basque country, next to the farmhouses, where shadow prevails and water is abundant.
With a simple large flower, in January it must be pruned almost flush to the ground, leaving few stems empy of life. After, in the second stage, leaves start to appear radiantly green, that bestow its robust volume. Finally the flowers appear, like a delicate sum of delicate tiny sprouts. From nothing to everything every year, the Hydrangea is a flower that sprouts with the security that every spring it will be spectacular. Like Sophie et Voilà.

And that is this collection, the sum of impeccable designs.

Some, like the first phase, are minimalist and austere, others like an explosion of leaves, short and simple but with their own style, and lastly, designs that appear like a flowering of clean romanticism.

A collection made for women with style and a story.

Fashion show 2021 SevEverywoman Collection Valmont Bridal Week 2020